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DS: Heaven's Hollow Prince Harry +B 88 VEE . Bottle-fed Babies. Additionally, to determine this from the look of its mother and father is total guesswork for a beginner. The Mini-Oberhasli is a cross of Nigerian Dwarf and a Swiss dairy goat noted for its rich red bay coat ranging from light bay to a dark bay or solid black in does. The Oberhasli is a breed of dairy goat from the eponymous district of the Canton of Berne (Switzerland). Then, I’ll share with you what I’ve found doesn’t work well and why. They are on the small side as a breed and I have found their temperaments to be consistently “weird” and “stand-offish”. They will most often be your “turd” to the others in your string. Generally, people are asking because they want to know what breed they should be looking for as they begin to build their string. I’m also not a fan of really long goats which is what the dairy industry is currently breeding for. [We have loved our Munchy's and Munchy mixes. Would make great pack goats, pets .. $100.00 each show contact info Clean herd bottle babies, bummer, bummers, goat kids, dairy goats, dairy, pack goats, pack goat The does are great milkers of very creamy, awesome tasting milk! The breed […] Bred correctly the Sabor/Alpine can be an amazing goat with lots of width, a sweet disposition, the heart of a lion and it can be huge and tall. I have less experience with them in my string only because I have always thought their ears are weird. Bonding with humans is exceptional. Oberhasli; Toggenburgs; Goat Soap; Pack Goats; Sales List; I will sing to the Lord because He has dealt bountifully with me. AB1720868 . While does are generally smaller and therefore able to carry somewhat less cargo, they may also provide fresh milk. The lovable personality is a strong plus. That is the ultimate pack goat for me. They are a medium to large breed. I turned off the highway at the small green and white sign that read Pack Idaho. The LaMancha breeder we acquired Star from told us a good axiom: “You will either have to love them, or you will hate them; Munchy's do not allow a middle ground.”]. [1] Oberhaslis are a standardized color breed, with warm reddish brown accented with a black dorsal stripe, legs, belly, and face. The most distinctive feature of the Oberhasli is its colour pattern, known as chamoisée. How to Tell if Your Goat Will Have Babies Soon. However, I have found them to have less heart than Alpines. All of our kids are either polled (genetically hornless) or come dis-budded, unless horns are requested as pack goats. [1] Oberhaslis are a standardized color breed, with warm reddish brown accented with a black dorsal stripe, legs, belly, and face. It's called "hockiness," a tendency for the hocks of the hind legs to be turned inward. It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability. If you are interested you should check out as many breeds as possible before making your purchase. History: In 1906 and 1920 Swiss chamois-colored goats were imported into the United States and were bred with American and French Alpine goats for hybrid vigor, firmly establishing the American Alpine breed. Oberhasli goats are alert with a friendly, gentle disposition. Both of these breeds by themselves (pure breeds) I would skip as packers for several reasons. They need fed milk for another 5 weeks at least. If you have the opportunity to make a pack goat out of a bottle-fed kid, then go for it! Marc Warnke. This breed's disposition for packing is perfect – super- mellow and quiet, virtually silent on the trail and in camp. Sierra Jacobs Colville, WA. The ears are erect and carried forward. [We have not seen it to the point of LIKING, but our Obers did not require water training, they simply followed us through.] Lastly, there are still years of work to do to truly know the facts about breeding as this is still a new sport. The Oberhasli has a friendly gentle disposition. Bottle babies. Nanno. MOSES LAKE WA They have the most heart, athleticism, confirmation, and size, all characteristics I look for. You want a goat with something for the saddle to “sit” on and have a wide and stable stance. The appropriately named Kiko goat was purpose-bred in New Zealand for meat production – the Maori word “kiko” meaning flesh or meat. Also, I’ll speak to what I look for in each, and why I like to use them. DOB: 3/9/2015 . Horns are of a lighter brown or black, and smallish, tending to curl back more like the Big-Horn sheep as the animal ages. 06-25-2019, 05:18 PM. American Oberhasli and British Guernsey. The Oberhasli (also known as the Oberhasli Brienzer) is a dairy breed developed in the mountainous cantons of Bern, Freiburg, Glarus, and Graubunden in Switzerland. The Oberhasli goat is domestic breed of goat developed in the mountains of Switzerland. Circle33 Pack Goats, Moses Lake, Washington. By the way, one of the best ways to ensure you get some color out of your Sabor is to cross it with an Ober. Oberhaslis are often born with a trait called “hockiness,” a tendency for hind hocks to be turned inward. My family’s life has been forever changed by these anointed critters and I feel so blessed to share our lifestyle with you. I Luv Your Mug!™, you should too. Our Ober Taz was one of our smallest goats, but he had endurance and "heart" to spare on long treks. Does are not recommended as pack animals due to udder chaffing and that the udder may snag on brush and harm the goat. Some of the Boer cross goats have a bit of a tendency to be more stubborn. Color is of little significance to the packer, but to the breeder it is important because the prettier ones tend to sale first. Occasionally a black Oberhasli appears as a result of recessive genes. However, crossed into other larger breeds they can improve the muscle quality.]. Oberhasli goats are widely known as friendly animals with gentle dispositions. Any gender of goat will work for pack goats, but most prefer to use wethers. Promoting Oberhasli Dairy Goats for Milk, Show and Pleasure . Lamanchas can be huge and tall. I have Alpine genetic lines that produce wethers that are 220 – 250 lbs. These boys are 3 weeks old. They will usually stay near camp and follow their human masters on the trail, much as dogs will, without … Boer buck. This makes a goat more agile on rocks. A pack goat is a goat used as a beast of burden, for packing cargo. One is the horizontal horn configuration which makes them dangerous to other goats. You want a “short wheel base.”. The breed was initially called the Swiss Alpine. My second favorite goat is the Oberhasli. Their muscling seems to limit them in jumping ability and agility on certain types of terrain. American Oberhasli and British Guernsey. LaManchas are one of the most consistently lovable and agreeable of all the breeds for a pack goat. The Kiko doesn't really jump out at you with its looks, as a matter of fact, some folks say they look like plain old brush goats; but what the Kiko lacks in good looks it makes up for in endurance. Checks should be made out to Kristin Loughlin. As a side note, while we are talking Alpines, many of this breed can be very “A” framed, and not have quite the width I like. Wethers should be at least 34 inches high at the shoulder when four years of age. Your Ober/Alpines are one of the most beautiful goats, and the Alpine/Lamancha can be a sweet athlete with those little elf ears. Oberhasli Track Goats. $60.00 Oberhasli FOR STUD for sale in American Fork, UT on KSL Classifieds. I was very excited when Linda let me breed my awesome Alpine doe (from top quality from Dave, Trinity Pack Goats) to Earl. American and Purebred Miniature Oberhasli. Boise, ID 83714; 208-867-6675 ; packgoatsinfo@gmail.com; Fresh from our blog. But five factors outweigh which breed you choose. Fat goats suffer on the trail, and it’s hard to help them lose fat after an off season. Having a short one is can be very debilitating; they do not have the ability to keep up, cross obstructions, and keep the panniers out of the rocks and snags. Crossing them with the dairy breeds for pack goats gives you a more sturdy frame and an animal that will be able to pack more weight when mature.
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