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If a fool accepts to pay 65 USd for a hotel, it is your fault, if you accept to pay 500 INr for a ride on autorickshaw, it is your fault. … There is nothing wrong with stating the realities of where you travel (ie not everything needs to, nor should, be rosy), but how about some thoughtful commentary? The Indian Express. As an Indian, born and raised, I take no offense to this article. It is the forbidden fruit, the untaken route. Patna is undoubtedly THE worst city in India taking into account aspects like traffic, safety, cleanliness, street lights , lack of public transport and numerous other things.. Approcahing this with your attitude does nothing to help cultural understanding of the difficulties faces by countries such as India. Such a horrible and insulting post. Seriously, the way that Indians are talked about in this article is disturbing and totally disrespectful. It is a microcosm of India and its residents belong to varied ethnic, religious and linguistic groups. She also lost weight because of it. Sounds like somebody has never been in a major urban city in South Asia before. Which are the Best Cities in India to Live. The area is mostly known as a residential hub and a gateway to Bangalore. 2) People are too polite to help…: I made shore I asked direction from at least 3 people to verify if I am on the right path and believe me this article was spot on. Kanpur – Kanpur is the biggest city in UP and 10th most populous city in India. Even rich Indians avoid it now once they find out what’s happening there. It’s really self-centered to only look at it from your own viewpoint, why you were uncomfortable. Best place to live in South Delhi. It also has a violent crime rate that is roughly six times more than the national average. if you can accept that about ANY county then you will make a traveller – not a tourist. Very Unhealthy. You can’t even trust a health spa. And in India in general, if you are white and don’t have your wits about you, you’re going to get harassed. When my daughter and her family visited there a few years ago my youngest granddaughter who had shown no previous problems had extreme watering eyes the entire times. Trains in the financial capital of India are always overcrowded. Places like Safdarjung Development Area- Delhi second most expensive locality, Hauz Khas, Greater Kailash, Alaknanda, Vasant Kunj, Defence Colony, New Friends Colony, Green Park, etc are considered as the poshest localities in Delhi for some reason or the other. Yes you are right, But in this city many facilities are available, so we can not tell that it’s worst city to live. I would say that I felt the article was written in quite a disrespectful way. This is a tumor in this society. It’s true that traffic is nuts and there are a lot of people… But you probably should be expecting that in a city of 15 million people. yard *woah*. Your mind is not open and you are negative …that’s why you see delhi like this. 3. For bachelors and families, you can find a good number of Pgs and flats which are available at affordable rates. 5 replies. In certain parts of Delhi you are stalked by over-priced rickshaws, travel agents who are preying on your vulnerability as a traveler, and hoards of young men who think because you are wearing blue jeans it is alright to grope your private areas with no recourse from any sort of police authority. South Delhi is bigger than all of London and just as expensive now to buy a house – the lifestyle is much better, and people in those big houses of delhi don’t throw garbage outside. Hmmm, that’s a tricky one. :), Oh and I am sure Delhi was charmed by your arrival…. Majority of Indian cities scored an average between 2.5 to 4.0 out of 10 in comparison to the global benchmarks of London and New York, which is 9.6 and 9.3 respectively. Here is the answers to your problems- The girl was so scared, we wanted to help her back to get hotel or whatever but she didn’t trust us at all. With a low population, this information alone is a recipe for disaster. Well, one cannot predict a single place, but areas like R. K. Puram have a sizeable no. New Delhi: Some of the worst areas in terms of road accidents are in west Delhi.However, the locality with the maximum number of road accidents reported in 2019 was Burari in north Delhi … Sector- 22 So everyone on here just needs to get over themselves. Karol Bagh finds a special place in Delhi’s age-old culture. I wish you’d delete your stupid post . You have the right to like Delhi. The other commenters in this article should realize that people have a right to their own opinion. Moreover, the city is crowded and is experiencing an increase in traffic volume. more In Delhi, India, Emerging Explorer Alexandra Cousteau discovers one-third of the 17 million residents do not have access to city water. Lanes are painted on the road but completely ignored (my record spot was seven jostling vehicles across three lanes); cars switch lanes erratically with a loud ‘hoooooonk’ rather than an indicator, tailgating comes as standard practice and my driver was more interested in simultaneously chatting to me (“where are you from? “When we travel, what we really see is ourselves, — and nowhere is this more true than India. This is not only tiring, it means you quickly end up being wary of anyone who crosses your path, which is a real shame when there are some locals who genuinely want to help you. New airport, NO NO NO, we must spend this money to solve rubbish, sewagw problem. ;) I shared this article with my Indian class mate and he went totally berserk. 1 decade ago. I was coming back from college one day a few years ago and saw a white girl being groped in the middle of a busy fruit market in 4 bungalows. Other Indians would definitely agree with me on this. Not much here of interest. That’s one of those platitudes that sound really clever… but in reality mean nothing. One could as easily post pictures of some absolutely beautiful gardens or buildings with great architecture and history. I don’t say that in judgment positive or negative, it’s just the way it is. Good to know just in case if you start getting angry or start to think if people are pick pocketing you. Golf Links has long been included as one of the most posh areas in Delhi, situated in the heart of Lutyens Delhi and lying in close proximity to the Delhi Golf Course from which the colony derives its name. Favourite answer. The persistent fog that hits India’s capital every winter is a well-known Delhi phenomenon and its effect is far-reaching, with the power to totally disrupt your vacation. They can anything to earn money. Schoolboys are following us and wanted to touch my wife. As a tourist we know there every country has its good and bad but it does not stop tourism. Both Hyderabad and Pune rank higher for quality of living than the country's more traditional business centres, Mumbai and New Delhi, globally ranked at 154 and 161 respectively. Will there be hot water? Trying looking /into/ the picture, not just at it. Asia. I would only say sorry my friend. Quite unfair to hatchet job Delhi, a city that is in parts overcrowded, dirty, polluted. Delhi and Mumbai tops my list of “the most dirtiest” and Don’t forget about “BIHAR” and “BIHARIS”….. you must have a report on them too. thats the wholesale market of north india) Delhi.Uhh I agree but not all Indian cites are like this.Go to Kerala. With only 4 containment zones the north-east Delhi is the worst-affected district. Suddenly there is a frenzy of wiping down and fiddling with stuff. And this is what delhi is.. And trust me, its even worst than it mentioned here.. Those days where everything falls into place and goes your way and you don’t feel like you’ve gotten ripped off you really feel more like a winner than anywhere else in the world. Photo: Daveybot. I think hate is too strong a word. We don’t want rude and disrespectful tourists here . Liverpool, Torquay and Halifax all feature on the 'I Live Here' list of Britain's most run-down and depressing towns but none of them could challenge the Cambridgeshire town that has won three years running… Good. I have lived in US for years and now Delhi, we have no respect for tourist here… Admit the fact!! Delhi being the capital city provides abode to people from different regions and ethnicity despite of being famous for its populace and rapid life one can witness some of the most peaceful and lavish areas too. So he acts just like the British. Watch where you walk, there’s a paan stain near you. So much for world heritage site, national pride. How we determined the worst Las Vegas hoods in 2021. Photo: kds1505. South America. The places that have been listed by some of the people like red fort and qutub Minar etc are amazing but how can you explore when you can’t even breathe properly on the roads of Delhi. I think you should stop travelling. I live in Delhi and just put up a response to this on my blog… I have no idea of what the level of pollution is in Delhi. What’s more, the 10 million or so buses, trucks, cars, auto rickshaws and motorbikes that crowd the city’s roads every day mean getting anywhere takes three times as long as you expect. Even if you absolutely LOVE Delhi and totally disagree with the post, there’s no reason to be aggressive and tell the author all the reasons why they’re a complete idiot for not having enjoyed Delhi. Bandra Kurla Complex, a business district, recorded AQI of 346, Malad 338 and Andheri 333. Ah Englaaaand…verrrrry good country…first time in India?”), smoking, talking on his mobile and fiddling with the radio than driving. Bhalswa Slum, Delhi: About 24 percent of Delhi's population is said to live in slums. NO NO NO. What a stupid comment! When you sleep they will strike and cut your bag strap and jump off the train. Mostly motorbike riding in the himilayans. The problem is that people lack civic sense. The loud traffic and driving practices are true of all big Indian cities and can be wearing. You have to change your expectiations in India. Delhi remained the worst among Indian cities as far as quality of living is concerned, according to the Mercer 2017 Quality of Living Index. I am currently deciding whether to move there or not after having been offered a position in a Delhi-based ad-agency and have heard both good things and bad (as can be said about any place in the world), and I thought this post was an interesting summary of the “cons” of living there. The safest and most dangerous places to live in and around Nottingham can now be revealed. I tell you this article has helped me a lot while I visited Delhi. In a study named ET-Janaagraha, residents from 11 cities were interviewed and evaluated on 21 parameters including infrastructure, urban planning and development. Hii… I have been recently returned from a trip to northern India. Look closely, and you’ll see the tell-tale, red spit-stains from paan all over the pavement: a Betel leaf parcel most commonly filled with either powdered tobacco or areca nuts and spices, chewed throughout India as a palate cleanser, breath freshener and mild stimulant. it’s called “8 Reasons Why I Hate Delhi”, NOT “An Unbiased List of Pros and Cons of Delhi”. Then don’t complain about it. #3, the beauty is everywhere! That just isn’t the way it works my friend! Mumbai – Worst in terms of traffic, cost of living and ever-growing slums. Unhealthy. I guess that if he talked like that about my city I would feel bad about it, but I also know that people don’t take someone else’s opinion as being the plain truth. Beyond destination forums. If I wanted to shield myself from all of these things, I would just stay home. Seriously, you are the fool if you accept to pay 65 usd for a dirty room. To fellow commenters who seem “offended” by the fact that someone DARED not say only good things about Delhi….. get a grip! I have been living in delhi since past ~17 years. New Delhi's Lodhi Colony was formed in the 1940s, as a residential colony for government officials. Unhealthy for sensitive groups . Mmm, it’s so nice to see the backlash of the other people commenting on this article because I completely agree with what they are all saying. Just stay at home then!! Delhi welcomes everybody, people from country-side spits anywhere. A litany of delicious cafes, burgeoning housing projects, and shopping arcades - Model Town is truly an attractive location to find a house in Delhi. But most parts of Delhi are not overcrowded, have been cleaned up and are safe to walk and enjoy ancient and modern architecture, good shopping, great food, and above all the most welcoming and cheerful of people. Follow. Poland. @rjshah: you are seriously delusional if you think Gujarat is comparable to European countries. I WAS STAYING AT A HEALTH SPA AND THE MANAGEMENT STOLE THINGS FROM MY ROOM AND I EVEN BOUGHT THEM A MATTRESS. The slum also has one of the largest child labors. I’ve yet to meet a Brit who wasn’t critical of India and stuck up about Britain – they simply can’t get over the fact that they were kicked out of India and are losing their status in the world…what is Britain today – nothing but a little dog of America wagging its tail…. New Delhi Tourism New Delhi Hotels New Delhi Bed and Breakfast New Delhi Vacation Rentals ... Areas to stay in South Delhi. In second place was The Greens with a score of 4.23, ranking highly in terms of perceived levels of safety, pet friendliness, walking possibilities and green areas. I feel sorry for women to leave here. As a tourist I also want to know all good and bad about the country in order to enjoy delhi. As a Londoner, I’m used to cramming myself onto public transport in rush hour with hundreds of thousands of commuters but Delhi is in a whole different league – with a population of 15 million people, just walking down the street feels claustrophobic and overbearing. Pickpocketing is very common in mumbai city because is a very population city. Ask for help, but don’t expect a straight answer. Traffic issues are common in all major cities. Expats moving to Delhi will find themselves in a sprawling city woven into a web of dozens of areas and neighbourhoods. it’s a harsh reality Delhi Is Now The Worst City To Live In With Worst Air, Water. Gal, sorry to say but no place is safe in this world. New Delhi. Not to mention the world’s largest democracy is housed right in the center. The Shadipur area has the worst … District / Hotels best to stay in?? You know you really should make a distinction between Old Delhi and New Delhi. are all responsible. Slum dwellers from various parts of Delhi have been resettled to Bhalswa. Do we do that in the USA? And now places like gujarat are at par with most european nations search “vibrant gujarat”. Major us/them mentality here and tons of assumptions made about the locals and about the tourists. 9. (ps. 4. This is a city that has long been listed in conversations about the worst places in America to live. - Page 82, 25 Signs that You’re a True Citizen of the World, 8) 10 Best Places to Teach English Abroad, 9 Most Mathematically Interesting Buildings in the World, Why All-Inclusive Resorts Are a Great Value. My 8 Favorite Spiritual Places in the World, Top 20 Travel Photography Books of all Time. You will feel better giving me a dressing down. As a white person staying in Pahar Ganj, this is exactly the impression you get of Delhi. Or Red Fort and all the amazing monuments ? I live in delhi Second. Connectivity and Transport- Thanks to impeccable architectural sense of the engineers, it is well connected to all the major areas in the city making it an excellent place to stay. We’ve lost our values and are retaining dim aspects of our heritage. Answer 1 of 71: Hi, What area of Delhi should we stay in? This writer was seeing Delhi through her own lens ”. New Subway or sports stadium. Do visit all the places monuments, attractions and also keep in mind, it’s almost impossible for all the other nation to run and manage with this kind of diversity, race, religion and population pretty shameful upkeep. I. I’ve been back home for a few days and still have the stench of Delhi in my nostrils and clothing. However, Lodhi Colony has India's first public open-air … It’s tacky to take photos out of context like that. In”The Heart of India” the Slum population was considered as 20% of the total population of Delhi, It also has largest child labours. I totally agree that Kanpur is the worst city to live in India. No matter how much the government does to battle pollution or improve infrastructure and health care, most people don’t give a damn about it and continue on dirtying the city and streets. Gurgaon Sector 23 and 23A are among the most spacious and beautiful areas to live in Millennium city. On the other hand, it also tops the list when crime and rape come into the picture. That’s harsh and very close-minded. It is greed and it is lust. Lives and livelihoods in North East Delhi remain shattered as riot survivors struggle to reconstruct burnt homes and rebuild shops and other businesses. To figure out how bad a place is to live in, we only needed to know what kinds of things people like and then decide what places have the least amount of those things. It is more vital today to talk about urban policy than ever before since the COVID-19 pandemic is most active in cities. Take it for what it’s worth people, there are two sides to every coin and in the internet era we are lucky to be able to be exposed to a multitude of opinions and views on various topics!
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