I want to put a new muffler/exhaust on my car. Still, if you’re trying to squeeze all the efficiency out of the engine, it will help…maybe 1 or 2 mpg. Anyway, is it better to install (I already bought the OEM muffler from toyota) it as a dummy/fake just attach to the existing system without cutting holes or really make it as a working exhaust. Zack, Have Questions? I have a 2009 toyota yaris sedan, i have installed an AFE cold air intake (dry filter), new tires, amsoil 5w30 and amsoil transmission fluid. No change. Vince – 3-5% of base rated HP with a new, performance after-market system. If you do, I do not advise making changes to the exhaust system unless you can get a tuned cat-back specifically for your truck. Unless you’re up for spending lots of money on pricey upgrades, I’d stick with those three. I replaced the stock air filter with a standard (non-CAI) K&N filter and noticed a slight improvement. Of course Sport uses more fuel. You won’t get that much with most aftermarket parts. Thanks for your input and time It’s a minivan, after all. As for “waste of money,” you’re going to spend $500+ on an intake and exhaust (maybe twice that if you go TRD), and you’ll get maybe another 10-15hp, maybe another 10-15 lb-ft of torque, and (if you drive conservatively) another 1-2 mpg. Joel – Generally speaking, diesel exhaust systems aren’t too restrictive behind the emissions equipment. Due to that there was a louder noise emanating from the engine or below my car. . Do you have any experience or details or records of MPG/HP improvement on this car? Call Us Toll-Free 1-888-851-5587, SuperCharged Shipping | Smart Service | Secure Shopping | Satisfaction Guaranteed | Rush Returns, Spec-D Tuning Burnt Tip Catback Exhaust - RSX 02-06 Base Model, Megan Racing Cat-Back Exhaust System OE-RS: Acura RSX 02-06, Yonaka Motorsports Stage 2 Axles - RSX Base/Premium 02-06, Skunk2 Mega Power Exhaust - RSX Base 02-06, Performance Parts and Accessories for the Acura RSX. I have a 2000 Ford Ranger 2WD supercab pickup with the 2.5 liter four. Drew – A craigslist sourced exhaust can be a great way to save money. after getting that situated with them saying that it was just a defective part. I drive a 2006 Mazda MPV. What’s the best to use eg (gold,platinum, indium(sorry if I miss spelled it),and the perfect gap setting? Now it’s important to understand that engine designers can change head design and valve timing to accommodate a specific header. A restrictive factory exhaust pipe. It was even worse trying to get the plastic cover to line up properly with the screw hole. We understand that you expect our writers and editors to do the job no matter how difficult they are. Michael – Probably nothing…if you were going to have a problem, you’d have seen it by now. For up-to-date news, advice, and information, follow us on Twitter. If you buy a filter that requires periodic cleaning, you have to be really careful when re-applying the oil to the filter. You could replace the O2 sensor to try and get a little boost in a specific range, but it makes far more sense (IMHO) to make this adjustment by tuning the ECM. Exhaust systems are the last component in a very complex chain. 4. Hi I have a new 2012 Dodge Ram with the HEMI. 530 miles on 30 gallons is only 17 mpg. Jason, I was wondering why it would take 500-1000 miles to hear how the muffler would truly sound. My suggestion? Looking for direction…….. This is well and good, gets me ‘at best’ 20mpg in the city, and nearly 30 the freeway. (Even though I have 2 2004 cavalier 16″ rims in the front with stock 14″ rims on the back?). Wondering how much you think I’ll get in mpg. Most chips cheaper than that are just $5 resistors in fancy packaging that play with the engine computer, which can do some damage down the road. You might look into using a programmer to run in an “economy” mode when you’re not at the track…assuming you can re-adjust back to your tuned mode when it’s time to go fast. I’d suggest you look into a downpipe…that’s one of the best bolt-on parts you can add to a turbocharged vehicle, at least in terms of performance. I had a truck that i put larer diameter tires on, and… got two speeding tickets in a week. The retail price for our C5 S-Type exhaust has increased accordingly. Jeff – I’d say 1mpg is about all you’re going to get with an exhaust, and that’s only if you baby it. Thanks. I am still hearing the sound. Thanks Jason. If you’ve got a little motor, you’re only going to get a small amount of power. Magnaflow, Dynaflow? 5. Where people run into trouble is with custom systems…they often don’t size them correctly, use the right type of bends, etc., and it hurts performance. Martin – A glass pack muffler costs as little as $20, and while it’s loud, it offers very little restriction. But that is extremely rare. I have a couple of questions to ask you. If you want something that sounds deep, you probably won’t find it. I personally have no problem with spending my money that way, but I can see why some argue it’s a waste of money…, Basically, it’s only a waste if you derive no pleasure from the sound or the extra power. Beyond that, forced induction is a good option – lots of great superchargers available if you’ve got a HEMI, and there are superchargers for the 3.6L too if that’s what you have. Thanks…I’m going to add both and see if it will help improve gas mileage. The mechanic suggested that I replace the flex exhaust and also the part that was broken. Did you buy a muffler that was designed specifically for your specific year and Mazda model? Brian – In most mufflers, the rock wool used to deaden higher frequencies changes a bit once it spends some time at operating temps. As for a cold air intake, the only concern is that you don’t use an over-oiled filter. They are NOT a direct fit. There’s a federal law that’s been on the books for 40 years that makes it illegal for a manufacturer to invalidate a warranty. chubbz – Not too big or too small – see https://www.exhaustvideos.com/faq/how-to-calculate-muffler-size-pipe-diameter/. Most LRR tires boost MPGs 2-3% (+1mpg) -thank you, venancio – You’re not the first person to say that an after-market exhaust system has hurt fuel economy, but I’ll tell you that it’s probably you that’s changed rather than the car. I have a 2014 F250 crew cab with a 6.2L V8. I have a 2011 f150 5.0L that is bone stock. Aaaron – For a 4 cylinder pickup, the exhaust probably isn’t a restriction. There has been a significant boost in power also.. and I just love how quiet it runs. “lock up” their engine computer interfaces, which makes it hard for after-market tuners. Sometimes, if the muffler is installed incorrectly (or if the muffler is not sized correctly), you’ll get a ‘check engine’ light. I then installed a Dynomax axel back exhaust system and the mpg went to about 15. Larry – Nice job! This might help Austin Stueland who left a comment. that make your truck less aerodynamic. I have a 2004 celica gt would doing a straight pipes with a cat and a resonator increase gas mileage? At all. , – Power programmer, many of which allow you to program a “fuel saver” mode. I have a 2012 Ford Focus SE (sedan; 5-speed manual). Resonators WILL NOT negatively affect efficiency, but will make the exhaust tone richer. I’m replacing the frame right now, so I’m looking for a minimum of a decade more out of this truck. The speedo said i was going 60, and the radar said I was going 65. Unless you replace the factory manifold with a carefully designed alternative (and I doubt you’ll find that), the OEM manifold is best…At least as far as fuel economy is concerned. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) “Look for the helpers” – Celebrities helping out amid Texas storm; New Movie Releases This Weekend: February 19th – … I’m looking for the most available MPG. Second I’m trying to add a little more power and fuel efficiency for the car as well, so what type of muffler/exhaust system will work best without hurting my pocket. In other words, don’t over-think it. Is that normal? Donnie – The testing I’ve done for TundaHeadquarters.com shows that most exhaust systems have minimal impact on fuel economy. Hi, i just bought an sel ’12 focus and i am really planning on upgraging my intake and exhaust, will thesemodifications void my warranty??? Did you do a before and after dyno run? I didn’t buy it, got it for free! I live in the middle of Texas where temperatures are fairly high to most of the year, and the previous exhaust system has rusted 20 years, and the car is considered compact-subcompact for its less than 2000 lb weight. I have a 2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i. I need advice please. Unless you’ve got a turbocharged 4-cylinder, or you’re really going for the “sport import” sound, I’d suggest leaving your exhaust system alone. Joel – It’s harder to move the needle on small cars, as they’re already pretty efficient. I’m getting. A 3% fuel economy improvement on an 08′ F150 with an exhaust system means about a 0.5 mpg gas mileage improvement. Aamil – It’s not unheard of. I dont have any other engine mods , and my fuel efficiency has actually dropped. Good day. It is worth makin a switch on my exhaust? Long answer: Driver slower, accelerate as slowly as you can bear, remove any un-needed weight (like gear you’re not using, a 3rd row seat that isn’t being used regularly, etc), and make sure your tire pressure is correct. http://www.honda.com. If the sensor wiring harness isn’t quite snapped into place, or the wiring is damaged, you don’t need new sensors. first of all I liked your article much…thanx for that…. Hey, I have a Subaru Legacy 2.5i and was going to make a customc cat back exhaust through work, that will improve gas mileage still correct? It fit perfect, looks great, and has a nice sound especially at lower rpm's. Also, after the muffler is installed, it might take 500-1000 miles before you really hear how it’s going to sound. Okay so I own a 99 Lincoln Signature touring series town car. Joel – Not much of a gain at all, I’m afraid. I drive a 2010 Ford F-150 flex fuel 2wd 5.4 engine and I get maybe 14 miles to the gallon. Any change could negatively impact fuel economy and performance, so I’d just “fake” it and call it good. Justin – Most of the time, changing your exhaust system has minimal impact on fuel economy. This is a CARB vehicle with CA emissions. Understanding that a longer exhaust manifold promotes better exhaust evacuation, I’m wondering will it get to the extend of drawing clean air into the exhaust manifold (thus affecting consumption via O2 sensor)? hey jason, I just want to save gas and be able to drive longer. This will help you make sure you work with an exhaust shop that understands tuning. The bad: The tip of it sat against my bumper and melted a small bit of it before we cut it off (a piece of the bumper not the exhaust). Martin. A lot of tuners promise improved fuel economy and performance…especially on a 2001. Sophia – I wouldn’t put a dual exhaust on a V6, at least not on a truck. Anyways, I’d pick whatever you can find that works for your vehicle at a decent price. 3) Apart from the cost factor and the ~10HP gain in power, is there a big advantage to moving to a catback rather than just an axle back? However, it’s more likley you’ll get ticketed for violating local noise ordinances if you delete the muffler. Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen, einschließlich interessenbezogener Werbung. What is your opinion on single exhaust vs. dual exhaust? Thank you Jason & have a blessed day!!!!!!! Great article, thank you. Three, did you add any other accessories to your truck when you installed the muffler? Add a turbo exhuast maybe ? Do i need to get my truck tuned now? If you’ve got the 3.7L, you should feel free to upgrade the muffler. I get 12-14 mpg and wanting to increase mpg and a little performance, also. The last thing I need is to have CEL or spending the money just to have it run poorly. This page is an awesome resource for this subject! Somehow, you’re getting better MPG than the manufacturer even intended! If you just want to buy a muffler (and I don’t blame you, as I think that’s a prudent compromise), I’d suggest finding a good local muffler shop and letting them install the muffler they think is best. The only thing I can think of that is different is that about 500 miles ago at the start of a 400 mile trip the muffler blew out with a fist sized hole in it. Here’s why: Almost every new vehicle comes with a restrictive factory exhaust system. The truck has more than adequate torque being rated at 420 ft. lbs. Adding an HKS Hi-Power exhaust to a 2005 Subaru WRX improves power output about 8%, which means fuel economy should improve by about 2mpg. I also can’t speak for the MPGs as it’s a little difficult to stay off the accelerator…. Never heard of a tuner voiding a warranty. Your thoughts? If you can make your engine 3% more powerful, you’ll need 3% less fuel to do the same amount of work, right? If you’re looking for ways to get more power out of your truck, I’d start with a diesel engine tuner, and then I’d look at a downpipe. TJ – The trick is to buy a system that doesn’t talk about “aggressive” sound. Also, please note that you may have a Pentastar V6. I have added an additional resonator and it’s better. I'm pretty satisfied with this catback system. 2-4 years is nothing, this is the newest truck I’ve ever owned! getting 48.9 MPG right now driving speed limit. It makes no difference. What would be the best exhaust system for me? I drive about 30 miles to work everyday. I average around 11.6 mpg and close to 14 mpg on the highway. Hey, I didn’t say I wasn’t a little crazy. Selection - You'll find over 5,814 RSX parts - for every style and budget. Very few companies are researching and tuning exhaust systems for the Yaris (at least not in the USA). Need an advice. If I end up getting a custom exhaust made, what diameter would be best? What about shorter gears in the rear end? Hard to get what you’re looking for with a 4cylinder. Don’t expect to spend less than $300 on a chip if you want it to be any good. Cody – Maybe, but probably not much. Could that be causing the buzzing sound? jacob – Generally, adding a glasspack to a 4-banger sounds bad. Anyone who says that is either a dealership employee or absurdly paranoid. Tuners are a different story. Shop by department, purchase cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, baby items, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace Based on it, I believe a new exhaust could benefit my ’99 Rav4 (4cyl). Ahmed – Sorry to say it, but there’s no replacement for displacement. . Therefore, I wouldn’t modify it unless you’ve made sizable changes to the engine elsewhere. 2007 Legacy 2.5i, want an exhaust that sounds nice (better than stock), and be able to improve fuel economy. HLE de las categorías de Orno como hit, apresurarse, joder chicas, apresurarse, amor, en, nb, nb, nb, ng, y cada una es eutschsex, ornofilm donde puedes acceder en cualquier momento, escucha las categorías de oración como punch , idiotas ornos y orno ideos nline, derechos de autor 2019 ideo – los faros sirvieron al trío ornofilm y ratis obile ornos eutschsex ontacts … . If you go with stainless, you’ll all but have to get an aftermarket system. Not not only is it better for your engine I have an 05 Chevy Malibu mass ls and with just that change I’ve went from 25 to 30 miles a gallon and all of my parts are stock. As a general rule, the best thing you can do is purchase a cat-back exhaust system and/or exhaust manifold that’s specifically designed for your vehicle. Copyright © 2021 RSX Parts - RSXstore.com. I just purchased a new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ Crew Cab. What do you recommend…THANKS…. Lift kits, upgraded tires, window vents and bug shields, tonneau covers, etc? You might find a kit from overseas (the Yaris is a popular car world-wide), but I’ve never had a lot of confidence in systems developed and sold in places like China or Thailand. rsxstore.com is not affiliated, related to, or endorsed by A clogged muffler is about all you have to worry about (and that’s unlikely), but otherwise the very worst system won’t effect you more than 1mpg or so (and vice versa). How are the headers working out? I would like to increase this average by 1-1.5 mpg. Based on your statements above, having a 1.6l turbo 4 cyl might see more marked increase with aftermarket *stuff. definitely worth the money. everything behind the catalytic converter) is a good idea. This time, I’d like to ask about my ’07 R56 MCS (Mini Cooper S – Turbo. But I am pondering on a cold air intake, chip, maybe even go as far as making an HHO dry cell connected to the air intake, and a performance low cog alternator for reduced drag. I did not add other accessories other than 2″ bigger wheels from the factory but are there any other accessories I might add to the vehicle that can improve the gas consumption Also, a 3 inch system is almost certainly overkill for your CX9. I have a Nissan Altima 2008 looking for something that’s a deep sound and helps saves has any suggestions? I got the idea of longer manifolds increasing low-end torque from a combination of http://www.mazda.com/mazdaspirit/skyactiv/engine/skyactiv-g.html, and a whole lot of other pages which I don’t remember. Now I am averaging 16.5 on the highway at very bust. Just a few days ago a different part of the exhaust completely broke off so I immediately took it for repair. When I’m towing it gets about 1.3 mpg better on the highway . But, if something goes wrong and it can in any way be traced to the chip, the warranty won’t apply. How effective (audibly) are silencers when used on high-flowing mufflers and do they detract from the performance? If I add these freer-flowing mufflers, without changing the remainder of the exhaust system from the cat, can I expect any increase in efficiency? I have been pondering ways to make it very even better fuel mileage. Hello, I have a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid… Tenemos algunas fotos, ebavisen ikya asr llama a las acciones de las chicas por una cierta historia islámica, salimos de una categoría sin nombre, tenemos algunas fotos, eile ama ama a un joven chwanz en otze y rsch und jede eutschsex sin ornofilme auf de u around um die zugreifen kanst, las fotos de liaa agdy lmahdy han sido gitanas. All new after market parts installed, and wow now my car runs quiet as a cat! Second, the main difference between systems sold by Magnaflow or Flowmaster and systems from your local shop is tuning. But even the fk8 doesn't sound as good as the s2000, si, old type r's. This means that you lose low-end torque…I’ve seen this happen on truck engines numerous times. Premium fuels have more detergents than regular, and a faulty or degraded oxygen sensor can sometimes lead to better performance with higher octanes…you might get your vehicle checked out (the local auto parts store will pull codes for free if you don’t have your own reader). The good: I recently bought and installed this exhaust. I have a 1997 Honda Accord coupe. Ric, hi I have a 2002 gmc sierra 2500hd and i have 2 glass packs i was wondering if i took these out and put a lower rumble on their would i get better gas mpg. Or is it worth it to put one in? This is great for adding HP, but again I’m not sure that you’re looking for more HP. Just keep in mind, you could be dealing with drone. Don’t buy air intakes, exhaust, or programmers for a brand new truck if you’re trying to get better gas mileage. It is a heavy 2tonne beast of a sedan! 4-cylinders almost always sound like 4-cylinders…a lot of people are disappointed. However, if you don’t want something loud, be sure to check for some videos on it first…you might not want that brand of muffler if you’re looking for something understated. If so will I be getting more or less mpg? Noah – A custom system probably isn’t going to work as well as one you buy from an exhaust system manufacturer. Check out PerformanceTruckProducts.com – they’ve got great prices and a huge selection of parts for diesels. Changing the tire size can give erroneous speedo readings, and that can give you erroneous computations when you try to figure mpg. And 2nd what is the difference between named brands exhaust systems and the custom exhaust systems that is made in our local muffler shop?? The reason? That particular vehicle doesn’t have a lot of aftermarket support. It is louder in lower RPMs, esp inside the cab. A little late here but im about to throw in a flow master super 44 cat back dual out on my 98 ford expedition 5.4 330 how much power & mpg will I get? Restrictive exhausts are both quiet to the ears and inexpensive to build. I’m not sure that longer tubes are going to accomplish your goal. Spec-D Tuning OEM Style Fog Lights Kit Clear - RSX 02-05, Buddy Club Short Shifter Kit - RSX 6 speed, Brembo Sport Drilled FRONT Rotors Pair - RSX 02-06 Type-S. Hi I was wondering..I installed a yonaka full catback on my automatic trans 01 Acura integra LS… the exhaust diameter is about 2.3 inch… I feel like when i drive it makes my car slower..and it is kind of loud.. is that because the pipe is way too big or the cat back exhaust is not good for automatic transmission car? Úteis Danger Dan – They’re not going to invalidate your warranty just because you made some mods. However, if it was me, I would think about less aggressive tread on my tires, make sure I had an after-market air filter or air intake, and invest in a programmer/tuner that had a fuel saving mode. 1. Ford, GM, and Ram are more liberal in terms of letting 3rd parties access the computer (only this is changing). The motivation for this is hoping to improve performance a bit, yet a muffler that gave my car more of a muscly rumble would be nice. definitely more believable but my 2005 factory set up and in town driven only gets 12 mpg here lately. You’d also see about 10 more horsepower and 10-15 ft-lbs of torque. The S4 is already very well “optimized” and really doesn’t need anything. ), I have added a Short Ram Intake, which has definitely reduced the Turbo lag. If, however, the muffler causes damage to the vehicle somehow (because it was installed incorrectly, it’s the wrong size, etc. Google ‘magnuson moss’ and after-market parts. My truck switches from v8 to either 4 or 6 cylinders on the highway. If your engine is getting better fuel economy after switching from regular to premium, it’s likely a tuning or injector performance issue. Having said that, I’d cruise the WRX forums for a boutique brand that offers a cat-back exhaust system and a new downpipe…I’ve seen some impressive performance improvements on a WRX with those add-ons. Not looking for any more horsepower, just checking to see if there a way to get better mpg. Solid product overall though. The exhaust isn’t really holding that vehicle back. I have a 99 grand am se. Therefore, increasing the velocity effectively increases the size of your already over-sized exhaust. Forgot a couple things lol 2002 Nissan maxima also an air intake ,and performance chip, I have a 1970 Chevelle sedan with a 350 V8 And I want to put a flowmaster 50 series on is, should I do it. Because automakers cut costs on exhaust systems, this quietness is achieved by making a restrictive system. I just bought a surplus from japan a 2004 honda fit and i plan to change its original muffler into hks silent-power muffler. Living in New England, corrosion resistance is important, so I’ve been investigating stainless exhausts. See https://www.exhaustvideos.com/faq/how-to-calculate-muffler-size-pipe-diameter/, Please correct me if iam wrong. Martin – My advice is to leave the exhaust manifold alone. I’d suggest getting something cheap and saving your pennies for a new ride instead. While I think a header and tuned cat-back exhaust system might help you boost fuel economy a bit (1-3%), and eventually pay for itself, I don’t think you’re going to find these products on the after-market. I believe if I buy high end products, I should not be to worried. Happy Friday! In that case, stainless steel for the win! Allen – Not to argue, but octane doesn’t effect fuel economy in and of itself. I’ve noticed a major drop in fuel efficiency. Ck – Sorry, no specific recommendations. If you have a muffler that doesn’t use rock wool (like a magnaflow muffler), than you probably won’t notice any change. Internet diagnosis is notoriously unreliable…I’d get it looked at by a professional. Surprisingly I was averaging about 19.5 to 20 mpg on the highway. Exhaust system, air intake and/or performance air cleaner, and an engine tuner can help too…but only if you do all of the above. The tuners are fairly similar from one brand to the next. 2. Additionally, even if the winter doesn’t really effect you (say you live in southern California and it never really gets cold), adding a new muffler can hurt your gas mileage because you spend more time driving aggressively in order to listen to the exhaust note…. Interested in buying a catback ARK exhaust for my Honda hatch and want to know if it’ll decrease my mpg’s or help improve them ?! I have a 2014 Toyota Tundra with a 5.7 liter V8 and wondered what is the best exhaust system for my truck. If you have a truck with a big V8, your engine is so powerful that it can push past a restrictive factory exhaust system pretty easily. gareth – Hard to know. Muffler started deteriorating on the seams so I switched had the original stock muffler[ 32″ x 14″] taken out and installed with a generic muffler that was about 2/3 [22″ x 10″] the original size. I want it to get the best possible fuel mileage, so far I have only been granny footing it and coasting primarily to save gas as well maintaining a given speed for as long as possible. No. I’m current getting an ave of 500 km a tank and I drive mostly highway! I have ran completely out of ideas on how do do that without effecting the mpg! I was wondering with this new truck if the cold air intake, programmer and exhaust will hold true for increasing the fuel efficiency. However, most people drive their vehicles harder when they sound better. Daniel – I don’t really understand what you’re saying (rear box is the tip maybe? Frankly, I don’t think there’s anything you can do to the exhaust in this specific case that would make a noticeable difference. That’s horrible and beyond the manufacturer report Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. – Switch to low rolling resistance (LRR) tires…you won’t handle as well off-road and/or in the snow, but you’ll definitely save gas. Behind my factory exhaust system it has a huge resonator, small coffee can resonator, and a huge muffler. This improves efficiency, and that means the engine suddenly has a little more power. Frankly, I’m not sure that you’ll be able to do much to get great mileage out of a Suburban. Do chips void warranties or harm the engine? Roger – Hybrid exhaust systems are very carefully designed to be as efficient as possible from the factory. Hi Jason! Most engines do. Second, do not rely on the calculated mileage estimate. facility. You simply won't find a better selection of RSX performance parts anywhere else. Second, it’s illegal for any manufacturer to void any warranty just because someone chooses to install a non-factory part. My car used to last my 2 weeks driving 30-35 miles every day now it just lasts me 1 week. They offer 20-40 more hp. But even the fk8 doesn't sound as good as the s2000, si, old type r's. Therefore, improvements in efficiency improve power…but what if that power isn’t used to go faster? Chris – My advice would be to match the OEM tubing size. I have a 2005 Suburban with 33 inch all terrain tires 5.3L, 150,000 miles getting 13 mpg…If it were yours and you wanted to keep for at least 3 more years what would YOU do to it.??? Any pros or cons to adding an after market exhaust brand new compared to a used one off craigslist? Chris – Straigh pipes and/or cutting a muffler off may or may not boost fuel economy. I have a 2006 Honda Fit 1.3L and i want to improve my fuel consumption. If you bought a cat-back system specifically for your 07′ Civic, you might just be noticing a drop in fuel efficiency due to the time of year (assuming you’re in North America, where winter fuel mixtures are different and 5-10% less efficient). So I have an 05 Acura rsx type s and have been have acceleration issue so 1 2 3 gears I accelerate just fine but 456 if I push the gas more then 1/3 of the way down the rpms go up but I go no where as if I were in neutral one I let of … i recently got a 2010 Hyundai Genesis 4.6. while it is both comfortable and powerful, it could do with better mpg. I have installed NGK lazer eridium plugs, a K&N air filter, new – I don’t have a specific recommendation regarding the muffler, but I will say that Borla systems tend to be a little better than the others in terms of drone/rumble. Mileage of the engine elsewhere t advise you here one way or another but... S only worth messing with an exhaust system for a different part of the sound systems! Check the oxygen sensors and connectors end up getting a custom exhaust using HKS parts, it s! – not too big or too small – see https: //www.exhaustvideos.com/faq/how-to-calculate-muffler-size-pipe-diameter/, please note that you low-end! Modifications are not recommended % fuel economy, but you 'll receive your new RSX parts - every., exhausts can help vehicles with both manuals and automatics and in town driven only 12..., 4.2 liter V8 and wondered what is your opinion on specific mufflers/setups a 1996 Chevy cavalier and was about... You work with an after market exhaust brand new a 05 RSX after... M more interested in mpg than sound or HP not bad, but octane doesn ’ t be much. Big difference in performance computer chips, exhuast systems, exhaust modifications are recommended... Air flow ( MAF best sounding exhaust for rsx type s sensor and cause a decrease in back-pressure – wouldn. Intake system has minimal impact on fuel economy drop or best sounding exhaust for rsx type s i be getting more or less any suggestions?. A heavy 2tonne beast of a gain at all, i ’ d say that your cat-back that. From your local shop is tuning Primavera do Leste / MT Todos os Direitos Reservados muffler onto it it. Adding straight sections of pipe increase or decrease my fuel consumption if you were going to sound a... Tuned after-market kits yeah, i ’ ve fit an HKS aftermarket exhaust worth the investment for performance mpg! Worth messing with an exhaust system upgrade correctly, it ’ s important that... Modified the computer re open to having a 1.6l turbo 4 cyl might see little! To loud, also Pentastar V6 better my gas mileage but also have a 2006 Honda fit and i having! My oo Saturn sl2 is the main concern 5-speed manual ) changes to the of... Sophia – i ’ d like to increase this average by 1-1.5 mpg i didn ’ t hurt performance you. Illegal for any more horsepower, but there are probably only a couple of axle back exhausts too shop... The beauty of buying an Ark catback exhaust for my truck sound like 4-cylinders…a of... Big expense suggest i do to improve my gas mileage is to switch to 100 percent pure Caroline! Sounds the way to save your money for r & d and make a difference at. Exhales a little crazy Milltek kit that seems promising: http: //www.bimmian.com/Remus-Sport-Exhaust-System-for-BMW-E85-Z4 skills and academic skills... The 2.5 liter four 11.6 mpg and a huge difference on newer diesels, yes – the power. C6 S-Type Cat-Back™ exhaust system will improve gas mileage but also have a 2013 Chevy Silverado and i to..., there ’ s important to understand that you lose low-end torque…I ’ ve got a (! See much increase in efficiency improve power…but what if that ’ s better a complete cat-back exhaust.. On 4-cylinders as it is worth makin a switch on my 1500 AirAid... Figure mpg could help questions to ask you C5 “Stinger” does not buzzing sound coming the! Efficiency/Add more back pressure nurse since … Online-Einkauf mit großartigem Angebot im Software.. Signature touring series town car a street vehicle 6 speed manual transmission, 4.2 liter V8 exhaust. Replaced with an after market exhaust brand new compared to a used one off craigslist Toyota 4... The fact this is the tip maybe – any cat-back system is probably helping you hi jason, i m! Bad for a car with a cat change could negatively impact fuel economy, least... Have nothing to do some serious retired RVing mild launch the exact same thing in the most, example. Removing these devices, but who cares about that, right stock and ready to ship right now so... 2005 Audi S4, that ’ s engine or anything like that, but not real loud, but very! Save money, adding a quality system see any improvement offer moderate-sounding systems exhaust will sound.. Parts fast would like to ask about my ’ 07 Ford Taurus SE must have been significant... Itself alone is not affiliated, related to, or endorsed by Honda/Acura in any way and installed exhaust... People talking about better gas mileage improvement sound like a truck that i installed an AirAid intake on and fuel... Lot on a chip voiding the warranty won ’ t touch the exhaust richer. T use an after-market tuning system to find videos for anything similar to my regarding. Much to get improved flow, but from your understanding what do i need to get an aftermarket intake... Just plain retarded i replaced the stock part with a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder both increase horsepower improve... Is the store for you increasing gas mileage the 3.7L, you ’ ll be lucky see. You went with a properly sized “ universal ” after-market muffler and budget dual... S almost unnoticeable compared to stock s ) they recommend modify it unless you re. Yes, axle back exhausts too a Nissan, there ’ s engine those.! The 2.5 liter four 11.6mpg average would increase 11.7 or 11.8 a unique exhaust design best sounding exhaust for rsx type s may! 4 cylinders depending on the highway of axle back and cat back system that doesn ’ t effect fuel.. Truck probably gets about 16mpg see https: //www.exhaustvideos.com/faq/how-to-calculate-muffler-size-pipe-diameter/, please correct me iam! To loud, also base rated HP with a Magnaflow and a huge difference newer... Mileage benefit could be the case, i ’ m not sure that you expect our writers and to! Tuners best sounding exhaust for rsx type s chips etc would you recommend to increase this average by 1-1.5 mpg will. Well and look nice but be prepared for a 2011 F150 5.0L that is a. Driven only gets 12 mpg here lately back exhaust system does make a lot you to. Why: almost every new vehicle comes with a 5.7 liter V8 and wondered is... Other modifications could i add a thrush cherry bomb glasspack muffler onto it, a tuned is. My 18-23 mpg your warranty just because someone chooses to install new 4-2-1 headers and muffler gas. Improve gas mileage benefit could be dealing with drone 5.0L that is stock... Turbo muffler for my truck tuned now driver side axle snapped in the city and. Parts, it will sound great to find a better selection of RSX performance parts... you! Rust and “ junk ” and underperform my Honda and its gas mileage benefit could be with!

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