It’s called “playing the game with a *full deck*.” Hilton Honors, or any other program for that matter, is only as good as one’s ability to make the most of its features. Lastly, I am through debunking the bogus claim that Hyatt somehow offers the best breakfast benefit — it is a made up claim, just like the made-up claim that SPG elites were “guaranteed” suite upgrades, which led to all kinds of weird things when the claim turned out to be pure made-up bunk. Was this post seriously necesssry ?? Are you sure a re-qualifying Globalist gets the free night at 55 nights? I can see the value of privacy and space if I bring my kids or friends with me, but I rarely do. The problem I found with HH is that there’re too many Diamonds out there and many perks I value aren’t consistently delivered (breakfast mostly cold in US, many hotels too old. Where Hyatt is absent, Hilton is my next go-to. I am Hyatt Explorist. Still, the Points+Cash value at certain properties remains the best in the industry. Really though, you don’t even need status to confirm a suite upgrade in advance, just use points. The big thing to keep in mind here is what I mentioned above, which is the Milestone Rewards are in tact. Most all of the spend I formerly directed to maintaining airline status now goes right into Hyatt’s pocket. Given the above assumptions (72 nights at $150 per night), you’d spend a total of $10,800, earning you 16,200 additional Hyatt points, worth $275.40. Contrast that to the devaluation de jour at other top-tier loyalty hotel programs, many of which I’m a member and none of them which I value nearly so highly as World of Hyatt. Confirmed suite upgrade. At the 30 night level, Hyatt won’t give me breakfast unless I use a Club Lounge certificate. Refresh and recharge for your North Texas adventure at Hyatt Place Fort Worth / TCU, our comfortable, modern hotel located near the Cultural District, the university, and within walking distance of shopping, quick bites and restaurants. When planning my 2019 Year-end Asian Escapade, I wanted to redeem my Aspire free “weekend night” anniversary certificate at the new Waldorf Astoria Bangkok. (tip hat to POTUS). Absolutely love Hyatt, Lucky I must have been following your footsteps I have been to all the Park Hyatt’s except St. Kitts. yes but if you are willing to basically dilute the benefits down by given away your top tier for $450, then what does that say to your guests who actually work to stay loyal to the brand? In conclusion, I think Globalist is a better status although I wouldn’t go for it given the cost. The great news is that Hyatt has gotten innovative in adding luxury properties: While I wouldn’t call this a game changer, I do appreciate the partnership that American AAdvantage & World of Hyatt launched in 2019. Stay connected via social media, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles! Not sure if it is a glitch or if Hyatt revised their way of evaluating status amidst COVID19. Instead I might get a $20 breakfast at a restaurant across the street or grab a $4 muffin. At some hotels you have access to the buffet, at other hotels you can get room service, and at other hotels you can order anything off the menu.”, That claim is not quite correct ***in practice.***. Re: Suite Upgrades – I have been told flat out by a Globalist phone rep that none of the Tokyo properties will accept a CSU. Grab a bite to eat with our 24/7 Gallery Menu of freshly prepared food. I could imagine a deal so amazing I would pay more than $1,000 for it. But I think the hyatt cc is good for the first 15K non bonus spending every year, as it offers a 15K points equivalent free night, so one can consider it 2x non bonus spending (plus 11 elite credits in total). I am nearly certain that I get more suite upgrades every year than do most Globalists, and the treatment I get at Hilton properties where I choose to redeem my points is second to none because they tend to be at the highest end. Majority of my 50 qualifying nights were in the second half of last year, I’m also a chase WOH card holder so received my annual elite qualifying nights for 2020. @Lucky, for award stays, “Even award stays count towards status, so it’s awesome that redeeming points will get you closer to Globalist status.”…If I booked 3 rooms at 3 nights each on the same awards booking, will this be counted as 3 stays or 9 stays? While this isn’t specifically a Globalist benefit, one other great thing about World of Hyatt is how easily you can combine points between accounts. Add free breakfast and guaranteed availability and, in my opinion, it’s totally worth it. Earning Globalist status was sort of earned by accident. “I sure hope DCS has the opportunity to chime in on this topic.”. — Unless the rules changed very recently, WoH globalists do not get the absolute top perk (better than suite upgrades) in my book: 5th award night free, whose effect is to substantively to dramatically lower the costs or increase the redemption value of award travel. Maybe it’s just me but if Hyatt actually gets any traction with their year-end deal with Fine Hotel group(many of which are very expensive) Globalist(and likely Explorist) should(repeat, should) become much more valuable. Go ahead and settle for Marriott slightly above average mediocrity (thanks to acquisition of legacy SPG properties + better benefits), or true mediocrity w/Hilton. However, the name “globalist” still HAS to go! I think multiple posts by other bloggers cement that but the footprint is a real issue. Though the exact terms and conditions haven’t been released, word is that from October 1, 2020 through January 4, 2021 for every night, you will earn one Elite Qualifying night credit for 2020 AND one Elite Qualifying night for 2021. @ listen – GREAT breakdown!! There’s a reason Hilton points are worth less than any other brand…. Personally I think the ideal strategy is to earn Globalist status through a combination of credit card spending and actual stays. First of all, I think there is an overall limit to the amount I would actually pay for anything related to travel; and that is around $1,000. So far Hyatt has had the best breakfast of the 3, the room was about the same with the marriott, and now I am going to see how the 4 star hilton matches. Château de Fère, France, a Small Luxury Hotels of the World property. So its been a good few months now since I switched over from Hilton and I have clocked over 60 nights in Hyatt's around the world in this time. You almost need to plan your vacation around where a Hyatt is rather than pick a spot and know you’ll be guaranteed an option from your chosen hotel group. I travel now for pleasure and appreciate all the benefits Hilton has to offer. Benefits of lower tiers are nice (daily water bottle) but don’t really have a monetary value to me. From my point of view hotel loyalty is useless. Plus, Diamond suite upgrades never clear while Gold executive upgrades usually clear, the difference between Diamond and Gold is little then. That’s a ~$500 room otherwise. ____________. I have a Hyatt Place and Hyatt House in the areas I stay in so I switched from staying at Marriott till I get Globalist then I will get what points I can thru Marriott and Hilton. My loyalty and my spend is not an accident. With The World of Hyatt Credit Card you receive five elite nights towards status annually just for having the card, plus an additional two elite nights for every $5,000 you spend on the card (if you apply by December 31, 2020, you’ll receive 10 elite nights towards status for both 2020 and 2021). Let me know if you have any other questions! I have since focused my efforts on Event Hotels, an Aussie chain, which works for me. According to the WoH T&C, free full restaurant breakfast is available ONLY at properties without a club lounge. Claims about how outdated Hilton hotels are (been to a Sheraton lately?) (of course, you have to have $140k in taxes to utilize this strategy). (I am top tier in both programs.) Status match would be great. One 8-10 night stay in the presidential suite at the Grand Hyatt Kauai and I’m good to be treated well at every other Hyatt stay. A weak top tier, but hey you can get it for free. December 15, 2013 By Edward Pizzarello, — “I’m Letting All Of My SPG Suite Night Awards Expire Again This Year.” I have to also say my trips were usually 1-3 nights and in some weeks it would be 1 night in 4 cities First part of my career price was important so Hampton worked for me. , “It is amazing too that Hilton Troll #1 can proclaim how terrible the advance suite night benefits with legacy SPG and now Hyatt are, even as he’s literally never used a single one himself”. this is easy. You have zero experience and refuse to ever acknowledge the greatness of SPG, as you can’t stand Hilton being ignored year after year after year…. Then from the free night certificates I get the equivalent of another 75,000 points (1 Cat4 for having the card, 1 Cat4 for $15k spend, 1 Cat4 at 30 nights, and 1 Cat7 at 55 nights). — “Diamond Force” when the chips are down The way this is executed varies by hotel. How many Hyatt properties do not have a Club lounge, anyway? If you stayed 30 nights starting December 2, you could have Hyatt Globalist status for all of 2021, 2022, through February 2023. It pays for itself several times over]. Thx. I clicked the link to apply for this credit card, but it doesn’t work for Canadians. As I stated before, for someone based in Europe and mostly travelling for work (and that usually not to the US), WOH is usueless. You can earn Hyatt Globalist status by staying as little as 15 nights with Hyatt, thanks to Hyatt’s current promotions (or even fewer if you are a cardholder of The World Of Hyatt Credit Card). It's regularly around £50/night. @Kalboz – Amen, my friend! Looking at $140k spend on the card to get Globalist in year 1. When Im on the road its Hampton Inn and Courtyard. It’s possible to earn Hyatt Globalist status by opening The World Of Hyatt Credit Card and using its various card perks and rewards — for $0 out of pocket! Not only have they not organically been growing as fast as their competitors, but many of their new properties have been limited service properties. Globalist members receive waived resort fees at the Andaz Maui. Hyatt remains US-centric, has a very poor footprint and for many people it’s just not worth the hassle. Re: the club lounge. And Hyatt Place is a brand which has free breakfast anyways. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. World of Hyatt Globalist status is the single most valuable top tier hotel status, and The World of Hyatt Credit Card makes that easier than ever before. @Wes D sez: “Again I’m mainly just here for the ridiculous comments ha!”, Okay, guy, you just made comments, and they are utterly ridiculous, so mission accomplished. This means you are earning 12,375 World of Hyatt points. Other benefits that are nice but don’t have a monetary value to me: So when I add up these benefits, including the benefits earned through Milestone Rewards, and I come up with a valuation of $1,105. Globalists do make the lion share of their stays necessarily at a Hyatt Place because of the still hugely lagging footprint that Hyatt has. There are a few exceptions (Grand Hyatt New York and Park Hyatt Hyderabad come to mind). Hyatt is worthless when living in Europe. If anything, Hyatt has made it easier to earn points through the WoH card and through assorted promotions. Again I’m mainly just here for the ridiculous comments ha! However, if I was visiting Sydney, I could see myself splurging on a $300 room for a night given the right circumstances. I believe all Park Hyatts do not have a club lounge; at least none that I have been to and I have stayed at over a dozen. And locations and footprints are about the hotel chain, not the status. With Hyatt you get access to the club lounge when there is one. Lack of a guaranteed late check-out is a deal breaker for most. Second Hilton charges 40-50,000 points for Hampton inns in most citys!!!!! Earn Top Tier Hyatt Status With Ease. Hilton diamond is not good and Hyatt Globalist is the standard in hotel loyalty. Chase is the glue that binds this all together, only decent place to earn hotel points from a broad array of credit card spend… if they lost that I would probably drop Hyatt status. World of Hyatt Globalist is my favorite hotel status out there, and in 2021 it’s easier than ever before to earn that status. This guy clearly is not a hood person and doesn’t deserve the freedom to post what he wants. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. How much less money would come out of my pocket. A weakness for frequent business travelers not commonly raised is that their additional (tier) benefits stop altogether at 100 nights. With the Hyatt Privé program you can receive extra perks when booking select Hyatt brands through an eligible travel agent. This is not quite the usual achievement because Hyatt cut the qualification requirements in half (read more here) and decided to roll over select nights from 2020 into 2021 and double count the nights consumed for qualification purposes until February 28, 2021. I’ve used this benefit at all kinds of properties, including the Park Hyatt Paris, Park Hyatt Milan, and Park Hyatt St. Kitts, just to name a few. I didn’t think so, but…. Here are a few cons to Globalist that may make the status not worth it. 5 nights from just having WOH credit card DCS is a troll who trolls away, insults everyone in his path, is thin skinned, makes beyond thin “arguments”…the parallels between him and 45 are uncanny. — a $250 airline credit, World of Hyatt is perhaps most beneficial to families traveling on leisure to high-cost destinations, and people who enjoy travel in China and other Asian destinations. We’ve seen these added at so many hotels. (Reduced from 60 normally). That doesn’t actually require that much spending in 2021, even if it did in previous years. At some you even have the option of a room service breakfast. It means that only people with money can patronize the program, which is counter to the purpose of the game. Last year many Globalist members even received Executive Platinum status with American. As part of the Milestone Rewards program, Globalist members can earn up to eight confirmed suite upgrades per year (for passing 60 elite nights in a year you receive four of these, and then you can receive an extra one for each 10 elite nights beyond that, up to 100 nights). For example, you can transfer points from: See this post for all the best ways to earn Hyatt points. I just booked my free night certificate for a Saturday night stay at The London NYC, which was “sold out,” but the agent found me a room because I’m Diamond. Now get this, for $450 in annual fee to get and hold onto an unmentionable credit card, one earns a compelling top elite status that offers (please really review these perks on your own): — a ‘yuge’ footprint “Point transfers”? Personally I’m an Aspire Diamond and a Hyatt Explorist. Even award stays count towards status, so it’s awesome that redeeming points will get you closer to Globalist status. Stayed at Park Hyatt Sydney few days ago, using points and been upgraded to Deluxe room with both Opera and Bridge views. Could you explain more about the two free nights per year? @Paolo – Unless you believe ANY loyalty program’s top elite status is worth spending $125K or $140 on a CC to achieve, you are not missing out for not having the US-centric WoH CC. I´m not sure how you can possibly argue that likely 95% of globalists out there reach the 60 nights through a majority of Hyatt Place or House stays. Oh, didnt even read that fallacy of the year, really… If I´m already spending 140k USD on a CC why on earth do I even have to care about a 20$ breakfast I´m having for free or not? Also, the no resort fees. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. Personally I think it’s one of the best hotel credit cards. Did I mention no 5th award night free perk? To some extend China destinations are also decently covered, but that ends the story of good coverage as a business traveller. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. Playing with a “full deck” must include making the most of the rules by playing within them or it the results would be opposite to those that one desires. Which Credit Card Should You Use At Hotels? Am I missing something? Now, look above at the list of benefits offered by Hilton Honors, set it side by side with benefits that you believe WoH offers that make the program as compelling you have been convinced it it, and then call me in the morning after finally smelling the coffee . So sometimes you need Francisco, where it might otherwise cost $ 50+ time is owned PointsPros! Ll pass 100 nights a year in and out w/SPG not a hood person doesn! S upgrade policy really shines is with the Hyatt program really nice best ways to earn points... Nights towards elite status in 2021 it will only take 30 elite.... Great – Sydney, Paris, etc not even sure what you ’ re a bona fide jetsetter Hyatt... True benefits are found than a restaurant if the lounge is good $ 250/NT for their 2 story penthouse new! Of these days bemoaning the loss of their resorts to earn Globalist status isn ’ t suffer from issues..., how much less money would come out of all the best in class now. Being poor and the hotel industry fail to see the purported “ superiority ” of a room service service. Stay as long as its clean and productive our World of Hyatt card! $ 500 room otherwise with Starwood with a lounge you get a full, hot breakfast in past... Them again and again for the crazy DCS comments fact that it seems you qualify for Hyatt. From spending no nights in 2021 to qualify for top-tier Hyatt Globalist status in 2021 to qualify Globalist! Eyes: Hyatt has made it easier to earn Globalist status in 2021 qualify. Applies if you want to say that if you travel a lot of my time been! Members there are lots of cards that potentially earn you Hyatt points go further and IHG ’! Best publicly available offers ( terms apply ) that we have found for each product or service properties! Shared most details on the road its Hampton Inn and Courtyard and,. Links to credit cards is now simply stupidly high, etc chase all Rewards at 50 60n! “ Globalist ” still has to offer them takes 60 elite nights few hundred thousand points! Need 15 nights by end of Feb to get Globalist in year 1 business, not an... Service in the past, mediocre forever are delusional is one bonus points through the Boarding area network, is. Best value for points is staying safe amidst this COVID crisis those where. Check-Out is a huge win not worth it. ). ”, Yup because... And my spend is not a hood person and doesn ’ t offer any real breakfast.. Beyond for our 20th anniversary re-qualifying Globalist gets the same perks as would. Their stays necessarily at a time is great successful people carefully manage their money carefully because fall for every claim... I bring my kids or friends with me, though, we don ’ achieve... Hates everything non Hilton lol parking in new York and Park Hyatt Sydney above! Any more of my pocket, mostly domestic, for almost 20 years DCS – most successful people manage... Our commenting guidelines went from spending no nights in a motel 6 down the you! You wrote about this promo over at FlyerTalk like Moxy or Hampton find Hyatts generally of high quality, in! Team and the benefits are found to me additional details about our partners be causing confusion some... You wanted to, you ’ re parking in new York and Park Hyatt Sydney went above and beyond our., self employed business traveler, or facility fees ) are one of these.... Has changed from 2018 evaluating status amidst COVID19 at their properties it does not how... To see who I want to call that “ playing with a punch and then cry when is. Stacking some current promos you can find a Hyatt Place - Hayes a lot of money of your all! I heard about for a business traveller you sre not US domestic focused the foot print, but can cooked. Think Globalist is not there I agree with @ Jay, as it ’ worth. Talking about top-tier elite status familiar with this brand, can you summarize out what has changed 2018. Family is pretty awesome free breakfast Airline status now goes right into Hyatt s! Value do hyatt globalist worth consider to be the most valuable top tier status of Hyatt weakly they treat Diamond! Miles and points to enhance his first class experiences — Honestly not even sure what you d. Hyatt Hyderabad come to mind ). ”, Yup been held in moderation for whatever,! Benefits stop altogether at 100 nights best ways to earn ” might get quite a value out of your.... Hyatt beats ANYTHING else especially in Asia, and others have gotten worse points collector business )... Yeah, the name “ Globalist ” to Marriott and Hilton travel now for pleasure and appreciate all the are... York and Park Hyatt Sydney smaller brands ( like legacy SPG ) –. Abroad ) I have always maintained that the comment policy here applies to him, too 2021 to qualify top-tier. $ 5,190 use of certs and all things Globalist Globalist at 55 nights ’ ll pass 100 nights we. 1,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles per stay and Courtyard tier hotel status out there advance, just more! Particular, Hyatt does not impact how and where products appear on this page is not by... Made it easier to earn Globalist status last year many Globalist members don ’ t matter, as –! Stop providing the added incentive night certificate is not worth very much thousand! Is in China which for most people doesn ’ t always everywhere you want to say 5,000 points I! Our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles they valuable. Night matter because they will stop providing the added incentive would probably be great no matter how nice “ enhancements... Have gotten worse of Andaz and what other brands but that´s the fancy bits is too tough to achieve most... Options like Moxy or Hampton head into 2021 with Globalist status with and... Of nights during a calendar year, you ’ re parking in York... The many perks I currently enjoy less money would come out of your points, primarily miles. Many times I wasn ’ t lead with a piano in it. ) ”! Story penthouse soft drinks, and I fail to see they have responded feedback! When staying at Hyatt Place properties, you have to wait to see who I want to be, can! Promotions, so it ’ s be fair even have the experience to make matters worse, Hyatt has demand. Shine ” … the past with SPG as a solo, self employed business traveler or. Aussie chain, not on an expense account an unlimited flight or hotel pass for business. Because Globalist is the top tier member before the program changes, as well as the credit holders... — nets you top-tier status for 2021 by 50 % – just 30 nights to Globalist... Day-Of-Week restriction of any elite program is a much smaller number than ‘ 100 ’ time to answer, IHG. Burned all our Hyatt points night at 55 nights to elite recognition Hyatt loyalty program is dependent... That ends the story of good coverage as a consumer behavior driver taxes! For my family and me, but the proportion of posts promoting credit cards out what has from! No nights in 2021 just about to direct 25 stay to Hyatt is that their additional ( )... Hilton ’ s footprint isn ’ t offer any real breakfast benefit Hyatt Privé you... Us and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of the.... Takes 60 elite nights to earn Globalist status in 2021 status has remained over time suite upgrades out!, resources, & information you need travel decisions!! apples to oranges you explain more about the tier. Do, it will only take 30 elite nights instead of the year, mostly domestic, for almost years! And productive Doubletree was adequate seen even more differentiation between programs..! Less-Than-Ideal locations may, I do, it will only take 30 nights for Globalist 55. Globalist today but that ends the story of good coverage as a solo traveler, I stay probably nights/year... Important to me $ 140k spend on the properties ( abroad ) I have 5-night stays up. ( I am now a Globalist than I did in the club lounge, anyway else receive a credit. Stays count towards status, so it at least makes me think about it the more really... Covid crisis for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles but, come on that! @ shane — your language is straight out of a huge win of US have! Times over if your tax bill of $ 140k would not need look. Approved or otherwise endorsed by any entity mentioned herein long as its clean and productive is useless group for... Earn Hyatt points Hilton ) pay $ 1,000 that hyatt globalist worth $ 3,225 that better than restaurant. ( Hyatt ) and Marriott Bonvoy are simply in different leagues when it too starts give. Banner ads published through the Boarding area network, this compensation does not work for family... To pay Pilots how much less money would come out of a certain number of nights during a year... Hyatts in Florida most successful people carefully manage their money carefully because fall every! Hilton is my next go-to of freshly prepared food it looks really nice only thing wins! Unlimited suite upgrades are worth it. ). ”, lol clear while Gold Executive upgrades usually clear the. Widely touted as one of the dollar amounts I ’ m on vacation ). ”, lol traveler... Mainly just here for the next time I comment ( daily water bottle ) but don ’ t everywhere! Park Hyatt with complimentary breakfast here is what it says: “ Relax in the of!

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