We noticed that your browser is blocking ads - please be aware that our station's live stream may also be disabled by adblockers. Other. 00:11. Barry Premeaux & Co. Next. SHARE. Cat Hates Owner Singing. The dramatic tension and level of suspense in this could rival a Hollywood blockbuster. Mama cat wouldn't leave her babies behind . And while you might be wondering why this cat hates her owner so much, spoiler alert: actually, they love each other. Read This Next. Get the official bio, social pages and articles! Helen is a pretty agreeable cat except when it comes to Jill’s singing, and then she really does not hold back with her negative opinions! Daily Headlines. Advertisement. By Camille Bautista . 2 years ago . Want to know more about Alabama's Morning News with JT? #24 Doja Cat Performs "Say So" & "Like That" | 2020 MTV VMAs Cat Hates Owner's Singing Two halves make a whole lotta cute. Read This Next 1. When one cat owner named Jill decided to sing to her cat, she got the surprise of a lifetime when the kitty reacted in the most hilarious way! Mamma mia — this frisky kitty does not like ABBA! Jun 10, 2019 @ 9:53am . Liz is from New Jersey & her videos of her cat attacking her when she sings are Epic! Tags: viral. Watch all Viral Videos . Helen The Cat STILL Hates Singing Helen the cat is back, and her thoughts about people singing haven't changed. Dog really hates his owner's off-key singing. Just, whatever it takes to make the infernal singing stop. 0 views. Viral Video: Cat Hates Owner Singing!!! 01:14. Cat Hates The Singing Reindeer. A cat will let you know when it wants your attention, often by meowing incessantly or rubbing up on your leg adorably. Report. Humans like something that makes the other one crazy, and so do cats. 7 months ago . June 4, 2019 Popular Post, Shared, Zocle Feed Leave a reply. Liz is singing a tune for Fourth of July, but Helen the cat is not having it. While a dog can't get enough of its owner's attention, a cat only wants a certain amount. SHARE. Cat Hates Owners Singing. 23 views. KX Couples Therapy On Demand . Liz Kronyak of New Jersey has a cat that hates when she sings. Video of Cat Hates Owner Singing!!! Feel Good Music For Acadiana. Previous Post . Win KX Cash! 03:02. 1 year ago . But it's not always a bite. Norman the Bullmastiff Really Hates His Owner's Singing The hilarious video shows a giant dog trying to stop its owner, Curt Kendall, from singing “The 12 Days of Christmas” Cat hates her owner's singing (with sound) cat. She uploaded a video showing several times when her cat actually attacked her while she was singing. A New Jersey house cat named Sunny gets so riled up when her owner sings that she physically assaults her to get the shrill tunes to stop. Most cats can't stand it if you follow them around, pick them up all the time or force them to endure constant petting. Other. Who doesn’t like singing in the tub? Plus count how quickly it “Attacks” when Baby Shark comes along. But no matter her means of attack, Helen has one goal in mind: She wants to stop her owner’s singing — right now. Search. Check it out! Wang He/Getty Images News/Getty Images. The cat hates the voice of the owner of (10) | 1,321 views | 30/09/2018 | Translate: by . Share All sharing options for: This Cat HATES SINGING. Cat Hates Owners Singing.MP4 2018-05-17 17:49. Credit Caters Show More. A New Jersey house cat named Sunny gets so riled up when her owner sings that she physically assaults her to get the shrill tunes to stop. Lol: Feisty Cat Hates His Owner's Singing Funny Published June 25, 2016. Then, Sunny, the song-hating cat, hops over a table to go in for the “attack.” Sunny lunges up at her owner in an attempt to get her to stop making the joyous sounds. Winning starts Tuesday, September 8th! And it is not one particular song, it is any type of singing! We hear you kitty cat! 11/11. What's bothering your cat could very well be something that bothers you, too. Email ; Anyone who’s owned a pet will tell you that along with adorable and sweet, animals can be weird as hell. 1 week ago . These Photos Revel The Secret Life Of Hong Kong's Shop Cats Travel 15 Of the Most Unique Looking Cats On Instagram Katia Kleyman | Awesome If Your Cat Ever Does These Things, They're Trying To Tell You Something Very Important Cassandra Tucker | Awesome Share. A cat attacks the owner, when you hear singing. This story originally appeared at InspireMore. Read More. Liz Kronyak of New Jersey has a cat that hates when she sings. Facebook ; Prev Article Next Article . And they sing with their owners. Share on Facebook Email This Video. She quickly pounces on her owner to let her know to stop singing! This Cat Hates When His Owner Sings In The Bath And It Made Damn Sure That He Knew It. Share. Viral . “Maybe s… Article by Really Natural: Human Quality Solutions for Pet Health. Cater Clips says that Kane confessed, “It first happened last year. TWEET. Jun 4, 2019. A cat attacks the owner, when you hear singing. Pepe the Cat, that’s who. Woman’s Cat Hates Her Singing And Has Hilarious Way Of Making Her Stop. The Speed Texting Event. Duration: 00:00 10/13/2020. The post This Cat Hates his owner’s ability to sing! Each cat has a different response to humans’ singing, and you will see plenty of cats that love their owner to sing. ... critical of musical artists, but we never expected a member of another species to have such refined tastes! We don’t know why Brad Johnson chooses to torture his cat Pepé with his singing if he knows the outcome already but we’re glad he at least caught it on camera. Search. This cat freaks out when it’s owner starts singing, check the video and decide for yourself if he really hates her or is just worried that there is something wrong about her. Johner Images via Getty Images. Caters(Storytrender) 0 views . Pets are kind of like people, they all have their own personalities and they know what they like — and what they don’t. She uploaded a video showing several times when her cat actually attacked her while she was singing. This cat’s human writes: “This happens almost every time the cat sleeps or rests. Oh, no, they’re not! EMAIL . When it comes to music, everyone’s a critic. Advertisement. This cat is not the biggest fan of her singing… And no surprise, the cat hates “Baby Shark” as much as the rest of us. It’s not even Christmas yet and you have to listen to that awful singing everyday! Your email address will not be published. The internet was made for cat videos, and this one features a cat that really hates it when her owner starts to sing. InspireMore. Cat hates when owner sings in the tub. SHARE. Like REALLY HATES IT. Misreading’s in Mexico . Cat Hates When Owner Sings. 00:09. This cute list of funny cat puns includes pet puns for kittens, birthday cat puns, and a host of cat play of words. Read More FCC Applications; 102.5 The Bull; 103.7 The Q; Magic 96.5; 103.1 The Vulcan; 104.1 The Beat; Alt 99.1; B 106.5; Hallelujah 105.1; 960 WERC; Contact; Advertise with News Radio 105.5 WERC, Get … And believe it or not, you could be making some mistakes as an owner, unknowingly causing these top things cats can't stand. As a pet sitter, I have cats who run the gamut from wanting to stand on my head to preferring me to come in, say hello from across the room, put food in the bowl and then leave. 0 views. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. Next Posts . We've featured Helen and her human Liz on RTM before, and in case you were wondering whether or not she still attacks Liz when she sings, she does! Woman’s Cat Hates Her Singing & Has Hilarious Way Of Making It Stop. Posted by 2 months ago. From dirty bathrooms to spoiled food to too loud music, cats and humans share more pet peeves than you may think. Nick Calderone requested for Liz to sing Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer" to Helen to see how the kitty would react, and here it is. HA! Our advertisements support businesses in our community and allow us to broadcast for free. Halloween Costume Contest | October . No, I do not pull his tail behind the scenes!” How cute! Bikers Rescue Injured Kitten. Viral Video: Passionate Baby Talk. He also responds in the same way to sneezing. Singing. Share on Share on Share on . Make It Right Mondays On Demand . appeared first on Online Relaxing. Just don't force it. Sometimes a chest bump is enough. Cat Hates When Owner Sings. As a result, you cannot assume that your cat hates you singing while you have never sung with her nearby before. cute and funny cat videos to start your day! Cat Hates Owner Singing! We've all seen those grainy, shaky videos posted on friends' social media. On Air Now. This Cat Hates It When You Sing! Some can sing! About Alabama's Morning News with JT. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Scroll. Sources: Youtube. June 4, 2019 Popular Post, Shared, Zocle Feed. Close. Liz has talked with the RTM hosts before about her cat's hilarious reaction every time she sings.Next, Max Ash is singing a song about people who take fireworks videos. Feb. 13, 2014. She hates when her owner sneezes, and she is trying to nap! Recent Posts. Try these paw-some cat puns and enjoy the laughter. Check it out! 9 Reasons Why Your Cat Secretly Hates You. Comment. Share Tweet Pin. Just wants to get rid off the darn thing! Helen’s owner decided to capitalize on her kitty’s odd behavior around singing and has garnered almost 9,000 followers to the cat’s Instagram. Contests. Rather than murmuring, the tired moggy makes a sound like a winged creature. 582. Not because your cat “hates” you, but because they’re trying to let you know where their comfort zone is. I was standing singing with my eyes closed and … This feline is quackers — and seems to believe he's a duck. Sunny the cat hates when her owner sings ABBA. Other. 05:44.

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