It’s pretty humid here in southern MS, but I really can’t say how that compares to Hawaii. I think your note at the bottom about them being hard is quite amusing, when I think candy apple, I think hard apple. And the idea of a caramel apple-textured candy apple seems so bizarre to me… like if I wanted a candy apple with the texture of a caramel apple, I’d just get a caramel apple. thank you !! Boil until the temperature reaches 300 degrees, then remove from heat and stir in Natural Cinnamon Flavoring and black food coloring. I usually just wash them with very warm water and a soft cloth. I have the practiced the Orange recipe. I order my white coloring online, but I’ve heard it can be found in baking supply stores and sometimes hobby stores. See more ideas about candy apples, colored candy apples, caramel apples. These poison apple earrings go with your best spooky outfit.How about poison apple fingertips from Taya?And last but not least, how about this glowing poison apple to complete your Evil Queen? Put skewers into the tops of your apples, and then roll the apples in the bowl or pot until fully covered. Beth @ The First Year Blog<. I’m so excited to start… Thanks for the idea! If you want it to be opaque, you have to use the white but maybe add more orange until it’s as bright as you want. Just an idea, although I don’t know what I would use to dip them with; maybe a toothpick? Then they candied those. Have a great week. Great idea. Maybe a practice run? Can I cover the whole apple with the color candy…would that damage the apples or is ok to cover the top with candy and part of the stick – so that the green of the apple won’t show. Oct 31, 2014 - Explore kamala snow's board "How to make colored candy apples" on Pinterest. We live in Florida and our house is air conditioned so I don’t understand why it happens. Wash and thoroughly dry apples; remove stems. wen i made mine they were thick and sticky and not really hard like the original red aplples they were like taffy. I wouldn’t make them more than a day or two in advance. They had never seen them before! <3. Dec 26, 2014 - How to Make Candy Apples Any Color! You can check this article for more info: This is wonderful thinking about making these for the kids at my daughter’s first birthday party, but i dont want anyones child to lose a tooth.. lol so if i make these at the firm ball or soft ball stages will it be easier on the teeth like a caramel apple and will it still stick to the apple. I’m SO glad to hear it!! I usually store them at room temp – sometimes wrapped, but usually just sitting out until I absolutely have to wrap them up for customers. Do I use it in addition to vanilla extract? Sadly, I might not be able to help much. All around I guess I goofed up, but it was a first time and I guess it takes practice. The most common problem with candy apples is getting bubbles on them. I’m making my first colored batch of candy apples on today. Hi Rose. I’ve seen this done buy using a melon baller to scoop out balls of apple putting them on toothpicks and dipping them so they are like bite sized candy apples. The candy was so hard and got stuck to my teeth so bad I thought they were going to break. I need these for a baby shower. Would that work? I’m trying to leave my on comment, but I keep getting an error message, so I’m going to piggyback on Polly’s comment. Dry them off completely and then dip. of white coloring necessary for the black apples also? They streaked perfectly. Stir in food colorings. By the time the party started the candy was half way gone off the apple. and which would you think would go best for the tiffany blue theme? The heat of your candy or caramel pulls the gas out – it gets trapped under the coating and leaves a bubble. but this is the first homemade batch that I’ve done. Help! had a client tell me my apples were mushy on the inside… can I prevent this from happening? I live in Hawaii and find it hard to bake in Hawaii because of the humidity. I think the red candy apples might be a semi regional thing. Do you know what I did wrong??? Now to let my pot soak possibly for days lol there was a lot of candy left on the bottom some got turned into blob shaped suckers but the rest hardened before I could scrape it out lol. Also, it is very sticky. Use a toothpick instead of the larger sticks. They turned out amazing! I figure they should last a day or so? I have no idea what would cause that! Would it be the same as your recipet? Since you do them all the time did you use more than one pot, I ask because the pot has to soak for hours. I googled how much to use with 5 apples and thats what they had but it didnt work. Thanks again for such a great recipe. Therefore I could never get an accurate reading. When I was a child, the only place you ever got a candy apple was at the county fair once a year. In the first bowl, add 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon and the red food coloring. I don’t know what I’m not doing right. In a large heavy saucepan, combine sugar, water and corn syrup. Fill it up with water and let it sit… all the sugar will dissolve! This recipe is easy and makes sweet and crunchy candy apples you can make any color to go with any party! Hi. I haven’t ever made them in anything else, so I’m not sure how that would change things. Yes, I add them both at the same time. I am also having issues with the bubbles. (like cream of tomato soup) Also, the coating was so thick that there was no way to bite into the apple. I used Wilton white cake icing and sky blue for the color, butterscotch for the flavor and while I’m having issues wrapping my head around blue with butterscotch flavor they are so good instead of spraying the pan with cooking spray I coated it in plain sugar and ghost and bat shaped sprinkles, they are almost to pretty to eat lol. Should I add the vanilla flavoring plus the Lorann Flavoring? This recipe worked out AWESOME!!!! I made these candy apples the other day and the candy was cooked to 302. Is it going to be ok to still use and if so should I add more flavor once it’s done cooking? I use oil based coloring for candy melts is this the same coloring I would use to make color for hard candy apples confused …I have seen sites where people used frosting color for it too. just want to say t6his is neat! I’ve recently read that you can add a touch of butter or shortening to the hot candy before dipping and it’ll help but I haven’t tried it yet. If you have too much candy at the bottom, let them drip off a little more before putting them on a cookie sheet! Trying to get the color without having to use the foul tasting gel color. If I want a candy apple, I want it hard! I’ve even made some glittery, shiny and sparkly… you can find some details here about these glittery apples! To start making from-scratch candy apples, here’s what you’ll need: You’re also going to need some special supplies to make candy apples. What i want to do is this Today I’m sharing How to Make Candy Apples Any Color! I was so happy to come across hour recipe for Colored candy apples. I know the red ones she made with red hot cinnamon candies, but can’t remember what she used for the milder green apple flavored green ones. Check out this post! I saw some Pinterest projects that made other vivid colors (like pink and purple) by adding white food coloring along with a […], […] A favorite of the Evil Queen, Candy apples are a great party food, and you can make them in any color. Oh my gosh, those sound AH-MAZING! Also how long does it take you to do big batches., Hi And no vanilla, which is an idea that sounds worth trying as well. hey, what do u mean about add an 1/8 tsp of shorting…..what is shorting? But just making them plain white might make them react to black light, but I’m not certain of that. Hope this helps and by the way those apples look DELICIOUS! I’m honestly not sure!? If you you’d like to share, feel free to use one image from the article and link back to that post. Just found your site…very nice. (Best thing I’ve ever eaten) My question is about another color, do you think make black would be a tasty idea? I mad it tonight it was nice. The white coloring is actually opaque white. Help pleasd. … Honestly, I’ve never made caramel apples but I think they’re pretty easy. plus 1-2 tsp. Any idea? My candy apples came out spotted white (I made green and pink) but came out spotted with white. Ahem. I have seen where you can use a melon baller to make bite size Candy Apples…I think I am gunna give that method a try. Thanks for sharing at Tasty Creations. I giggled when I read your “note”… You, young lady ARE THE BOMB!!! I don’t have light corn syrup, and cant find any where I’m from. I just don’t know if there’s a way to prevent them… sorry :-/. Thanks so much. I’ve never had a candy apple, so I’m excited to try! They really only last 4-6 hours before the candy starts to draw moisture from the apple and get soft. Hi Rose, I tried this recipe last night and OMG! Very pretty! Thanks for that suggestion! I’m sorry – I don’t know. I would like to know after dipping my apples do I direct dip them in any nuts of my choice or how do i get my candy to stick to the apples like gummy worms or nerds. Yesterday was my first time ever making candy apples and I made this recipe in neon green. It was totally cool. I only have two issues: the white specs from the bright white coloring and after they sit overnight, I had small holes in the dried shell. I love the colours, and I’m definitely a hard candy apple girl as well . means spruce house – family friends coming , .. Trendy Home Décor on a DIY Budget How candy apples color!! I have this one, but this Dot thermometer would also be great! I don’t have a lot of experience with the LorAnn oils but I think I’d use it in place of the vanilla. I was hoping for a really thin layer to I could bite into the apple. Thank you! What I do to rid of the bubbles is, once they were done and I added the flavoring, I had a bowl of cold water with ice and I dipped my pot in for like 2 sec, this stops it from cooking/bubbling. Only candy melts will stick to a wet apple center. All images & text on this site are property of Rose Bakes LLC. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I think it will be hard for the caramel to stick. I’m always amazed when I still get emails telling me that their inedible because they’re hard or that they’ll break a kids tooth. Why my candy will not stick to the apples. I cooked it for about 30 min and did the drop in water test to make sure it was at the crack candy stage. No, once it’s cooked, if you don’t dip apples in it, it cannot be reused. the baby shower is in October so I really need a recipe that will make the candies not hard but not completely soft. You would definitely want to do small batches! The orange came out milky looking. It was hard and bright shiny red. Hello have question. Good Books. Ok thanks. Too think on the apples after they hardened? These are beautiful!! Center: Turn the apple into a chick with yellow sprinkles (photo Amy’s Apples). Everyone loves candy apples, and they are only available here in October for a week when the fair comes. please please let me know! These were not edible. I love the colors with the green apples. Hehe… thank you!! Halloween-Colored Candy Apples […], […] gorgeous are these Colored Candy Apples from Rose […], […] of plain candy apples? The first time I got an order for candy apples, my client requested that I do hot pink and bright orange. I TRIED ALL OF YOUR SUGGESTIONS AND NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK, Think I figured it out.. Also, I just watched a you tube video, is is best to put the food coloring in with the sugar and syrup to bring to a boil, or wait until the syrup boils. They came out beautifully…I made Royal purple along with some glitter berries and gourmet turtles…my friend that I am gifting these to are going to love the…Thank you! But I’m a baker and the recipe seemed simple enough so I thought why not!? How did you come up with those amounts? I know it work with caramel apples but I haven’t tried it with candy. I have to make 160 of these… in your opinion do you think I should make a few at a time or one big batch? You’re not refrigerating them are you? Great and easy recipe too! These are so cute! This delicious recipe via 1 Fine Cookie.Simply Delicious presents these sticky sweet and sinister poison toffee apples.And if black or bloody doesn’t scream “poison” to you, then you can dye your apples any color you like. Any color works for these candy apples if you just remember to use the right shade of Apple: use yellow apples if you want to make a yellow or orange candy coating, green apples for blue, and red apples for red, purple or black. Thank you for this. Stir in food colorings. Budget-er. They were a big hit at my SILs baby shower : ). Love those pretty colors!! Anyway, I’m totally a novice at this whole thing. I was able to make 11 candied apples with this recipe using McIntosh apples. While that’s going on… make sure your apples are ready (washed, dried, and on the sticks! I have followed your instructions to the tee. Then dry it and reuse the same pot. I made these and they were so pretty. I Meade pink candy apples and dipped them in pink sprinkles. I don’t necessarily think they’d choke on them but they would have a hard time biting into them and really enjoying them. I decided to make them myself a few years ago to give to nieces and nephews. Thanks in advance. I’ve never made them chewy, but my understanding is that you only bring the temperature of the candy up to soft ball stage vs. hard ball stage and it will be chewier. I am all about eye candy and these brightly colored candy apples from Rose Bakes And You Can Too! I do kinda’ wish I’d seen this earlier today. As far as the color – it will vary depending on the brand and amount of colors that you use. Thanks, Christina, Those blue ones were done with a mix. How do/can I fix this? I am putting together a candy bar for a sweet 16 I am doing and I wanted to add something fun and different and came across this site for candy apples. When the candy reaches 302°, immediately remove it from the heat and use a rubber spatula to stir in the vanilla (or other flavor). Would a tablespoon be enough do you think? Why limit yourself to just a few months out of the year when you can sell candy and caramel apples year-round? Loves to Laugh. Can this be done in the crock pot or slow cooker? I did get candy melts to work– And I used kool aid packets for awesome flavors. Chocolate Milk. Thanks, I will let you know how it works out! I gave a few details in that post here: I made Royal Purple and put them in clear bags with gold ribbon… my friend is going to be so happy with her gift…Thank you Rose for this wonderful idea . I made about 12. Thank you for this recipe! It makes the candy opaque. Add water, corn syrup, and sugar. How would you make the blue candy apples in dark blue? Or too thick to even dip them? Bring to a boil. All the other colors I’ve tried came out great. I just wanted to share a thought about the bubbles that keep getting comments, though I have no tip on this. Thanks for getting back to me so fast Miss Rose….:). Turn on medium to high heat and let the mixture come to a boil. I am going to make them tonight. Update 9/14/2015 – I am disabling comments on this post. These nostalgic treats are easily made with just a few ingredients and offer appealing profit margins. What I found that works the best after the candy is gone from the pot is put water in it right away and return to stove and boil the water, the left over sugar dissolves and you just wipe out the pot. God bless. The bigger the better and I love using Honey Crisp Apples. To address that problem, I wrote an entire post: Do you need packaging supplies for candy or caramel apples? It’s hard to wash and use immediately – I usually fill the pot with water and let it soak a long time, then the sugar just dissolves. I did not use a candy thermometer. My baby wanted a candyland theme party and these apples were just what I needed. You’ll just have to experiment! WOW! Would I be better off cutting the recipe down or making the candy then splitting it up then coloring? . For the mix to work, you’d have to reduce it proportionally. This might work if you’re making red (on red apples), green (on green apples) or black apples, but for every other color, not so much. Now I need to make caramel apples. Maybe you have a suggestion for me. I also used it with a purple and black mixture to experiment for halloween. I tried again used the entire bag 2 full cups of sugar and 1 pint of water and it is still just a soupy mess. Thanks. They look so pretty sliced on a platter and everyone will have some. Wow, Rose…the candy apples look fabulous. You know…  “hard candy” – the same as Life Savers or Jaw Breakers. I live in saskatoon saskatchewan and cant find americolor anywhere but on and that takes to long to ship. Pinning is always welcome & appreciated! See this for why Check out the easy video tutorial too. To my surprise it worked better then the gel!! If that doesn’t work, you could also try dipping them in white candy melts or making a clear candy apple and then using a white airbrush on them. So I made purple and they aren’t opaque. Good luck with your apples and your party – it sounds like a fun theme! I followed this recipe that I found online and found the dyes, bags, sticks and thank you notes all from Amazon. i wont to say this is awesome cause I’m make the pink candy apply for breast cancer awareness for some of my friends I wont to thank you for sharing this. When I went to bag them, they are really sticky! A coating either purle or blue but i want it to be kinda transparent Beautiful vibrant colors. They turned out great. Be sure your apples are clean and dry before dipping. Combine the sugar, corn syrup, water, and food coloring (both the white and color you want the apples to be) in a heavy boiler (sauce pan). I’m having a rainbow party and would like to make 6 colors and I’d only need like 2 per color. Hi I have a question, is the white gel paste necessary? well today we decided to try to make a couple cause we didn’t know how to do it let alone how it would come out. Dip each waxy apple into the mixture for 5 seconds, then pat dry. The white makes the color opaque. The only ones they sell here are caramel or some chewy stuff… Not like my childhood I going to try the colors. I don’t always get them smooth. […], […] click here >>  Colourful Candy Apples Tutorial […], […] Source File: » DOWNLOAD « […], […] […], […] Photo credit: ( […], […] How to Make Candy Apples Any Color | Rose Bakes […], […] to make candied apples. Makes you want to preserve them, rather than eat them. I have never used jolly ranchers, but I am willing to try if they will work. I’m making more this weekend so I’m gonna see how it works. If you have more shopping options, any cake supply store will carry it or Michael’s or Hobby Lobby should. I’ve followed you since the beginning of your baking blog and you’ve really grown as a professional. I did try the butter. You can do them without the white but the candy will be clear and the color of the apple will show through. I fill it with water and let it soak until all the sugar dissolves. If after reading the entire post and comments, you still can’t find your answer, feel free to email me at rose (at) rosebakes (dot) com. It seemed to help a little, but I still had bubbles. Next add whatever color you have chosen for your apples and stir until well blended and then start to dip your apples. Carmel is ok..but I agree..candy all the way! I am making batches of candy apples this weekend for a youth explosion!! But, how do you make them sparkly in your July 4th picture???? Do you think I could cut the apple into circular slices (like cutting an onion for onion rings…not apple wedges if that makes any sense) to make it easier for them to get their little mouth’s around? The only thing is the when I put then on the wax paper; the candy harden a little and then ran off so that you can start to see the green apple again. Great idea for my baby hello kitty party… I will be doing pink and green. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t do them for kids that young. It was mushy because she refrigerated it for 2 days. If we decide to use the Lorann flavoring instead of the Vanilla do we use the same amount? I prefer Americolor given the choice, but I have use Wilton colors many times in the past and I believe that it will work just fine for the apples! For the life of me, I don’t understand trying a candy apple recipe and complaining about it being hard. It sounds like maybe you didn’t work quickly enough. I have one question. Hi my son and I really loved your posts. You put your apples in boiling water? Here are other options:, Can you tell me why my apples get stick & melt so fast. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!! Sorry! How do you get that pretty white white on the apples. How do I fix chewy toffee apple mix is there a method? Is there anyway to get rid of the white specs, like maybe adding the bright white americolor into the mix a little earlier (in hope of the specs separating to form a even color as a end result. I tried this recipe and everything seemed fine. I grew up knowing that when it was fair time I could get one, and I always looked forward to it, every single year. Hi If it is, it should harden quickly, before having a chance to slide off. I have another question, for sum reason, when I add in my flavoring, it changes the color I am using, for example, when I do my electric blue, I add the flavor and it changes it to like a deep turquoise color. Other than putting it in the fridge what will make them mushy…..I don’t want to give out a bad product! I thought candy apples sounds great and adults could enjoy them, too! If your ivory is like mine, it won’t work. You can find the link to it on the original post here: Where can I find the gel food coloring as white food colorin if not in the grocery store . Thanks Again. I bought a bag of Kraft Caramels and there was a recipe on the back of the bag! YAY FOR HARD CANDY APPLES, not to mention how beautiful they are!!! Is there a way to make that work? Merry Christmas to you and yours!! I strongly agree on candied apples being hard!!! […] How to Make Hot Pink Candy Apples (or any other color!!). Because of the nature of candy, they will be a little sticky, but not usually so much that you can’t bag them. I tried the hot pink apples and they appeared to be great. well our “rubber spatula”, as you said to use, melted in it! Is it something that help he coloring of the apples. It sounds like the candy did not get up to hard crack stage (300°-310°F)… I usually aim for 302°-306° and it hardens up perfectly! Allerdings mit Farben gemacht, die in Europa nicht zugelassen sind, und […]. Hi Kyndra! I used it for a lavender and they came out perfect with no specs. My daughter is having a Cook, without stirring, until a candy thermometer reads 290° (soft-crack stage).